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Don't Panic We're Organic!
1st September 2020

Don't Panic We're Organic!


We Love Organic

Yay, it’s Organic September!

This month is Organic September, where our friends at the Soil Association spread the word on all things organic – ­naturally, we’re a super fan! It’s never a better time to go organic, and there are lots of ways you can get involved.

Toby Tiger Organic T-shirt

What is Organic September?

Organic September is a movement to encourage all of us to choose organic whenever we can – think food, drink, products and clothes, to name a few. Choosing and using organic means the most environmentally friendly farming and production methods have been used. It also means animals and workers are looked after to the highest standards, while there are restrictions on artificial fertilisers and pesticides ­– and not a hint of GM in sight!

Why is organic so important?

As well as benefits to our environment, it has a positive influence on wildlife, too – essential for a flourishing ecosystem! For example, organic farms have around 50% more bees, butterflies and other pollinators… which says a lot!

Pollinating bee 

So, the more we use organic products and produce, the better it is for our planet. More demand means more organic farms – and that means fewer pesticides, more wildlife and more animals and workers are looked after to the highest standards. Who doesn’t want that?

How do I get Involved with Organic September?

Luckily, it’s not as hard as you may think to go organic – there are loads of little changes you can make to get a bit more organic in your life all year-round…

1. Pop organic eggs in your basket

Go one extra and choose organic eggs over free range. Why? Organic hens live in smaller flocks, which means better welfare; they’re even more free range with better access to the outdoors; antibiotics aren’t routinely used, and they enjoy a GM-free diet. Surely that means tastier, more nutritious eggs!

Organic eggs

2. Milk it

Like eggs and happy hens, organic milk comes from much happier cows. Organic cows spend most of their time outside where they can happily graze on a GM-free diet of grass. Plus, they’re raised without unnecessary antibiotics and wormers, and not pushed to their milk-producing limits. This all means the white stuff is better quality stuff: super nutritious with more omega 3 fatty acids than bog-standard milk.


3. Skin deep

Look good and feel good by switching to organic beauty products. Ingredients in moisturisers and gels can be hard to fathom, but if a product bears the Soil Association logo, you’ll be sure of no animal testing, no GM, no controversial chemicals, no parabens and phthalates, and no synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances. Gorgeous!

4. Get more green-fingered

Get outdoors and grow your own fruit and veg – what could be more organic than that? Most gardens of all shapes and sizes can accommodate a veg patch… it’s great fun to do with the little ones, too. No garden? Try these easy tips to grow some tasty organic herbs.


5. Take a break… organic style

Did you know you can even go on an organic holiday? UK holidays have never been more popular. So how about a staycation at an organic farm? It’s a great option if you’re looking for sustainable travel while still enjoying tasty food and beautiful locations. You’ll be able to discover more about organic farming and even try some fun activities with the kids, see more here.

6. Cotton on

Organic cotton is miles better for the environment – and our skin. Of course, our lovely Toby Tiger organic clothes are certified by the Soil Association and GOTS – the gold standard in ethical and organic cotton production.

Organic Toby Tiger Clothing

Here’s what we love about organic cotton:

  • With none of the harsh chemicals and dyes used to process bog-standard cotton, which breaks down fibres and damages the fabric, it makes organic cotton so much softer.
  • Organic cotton producers and clothes manufacturers aren’t exposed to harsh chemicals and dyes, making it far safer for them (phew!) – plus only natural pest control methods are used which helps to keeps the soil fertile, water clean and our air unpolluted.
  • Organic cotton is lovely and super soft on even the most delicate skin, thanks to the ban on nasty chemicals. That means it’s perfect for babies and kids – and less likely to trigger any allergies and skin conditions like eczema.
  • Because organic clothes haven’t been messed about with like standard clothes, they’ll last much longer and wash really well – even at 30 degrees – so they can be worn again and again.

Check out our lovely organic clothing range.

To keep updated throughout Organic September and beyond and for lots of helpful hints and tips, sign up for Soil Association newsletters.


Don't Panic We're Organic!

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