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We love organic clothes!

At Toby Tiger we always want what’s best for kids. That’s why we use organic cotton to create our super fun and fabulous kidswear. But did you know that technically, a piece of clothing only has to use a tiny smidge of organic materials within its fabric in order to earn the label?

We don’t think this is cool, so that’s why we ensure that all of the cotton used to make our clothing is certified by GOTS and the Soil Association. Achieving GOTS certification is the highest level of certification that an organic fabric can have, proving that its been made to an ethical and environmentally friendly standard. To earn a GOTS certification, the cotton must adhere to a rigorous set of standards covering everything from the amount of chemical pesticides and fertilizers used (hint: none!), to the farmers’ working conditions. With GOTS certified cotton, you can trace the cotton used to make your t-shirt right back to the field where it was grown! 

We’re so proud that over 80% of Toby Tiger clothing is made from GOTS-certified organic cotton and we are always working for every piece to be fully organic in the future.

But okay… it’s organic. So what? Read on to find out why organic clothing is best for everyone – for you, for baby and for the planet!


Organic clothing is better for kids!

We’re sure you’ve noticed that Toby Tiger clothing feels much softer than other high street brands. (And remains that way, even after washing it loads!) It’s not a trick of the mind – organic cotton really is softer than traditionally farmed cotton. This is because organic cotton fibers aren’t broken down by the use of chemicals inherent to conventional cotton farming processes, leaving them stronger and less damaged.

This lack of nasty chemicals means the clothing is less likely to trigger allergies and skin conditions. A lack of harmful chemicals in the finishing and dying process also helps with this, too.

This makes Toby Tiger organic childrenswear best for babies’ skin. It’s kind, gentle and won’t exacerbate any itchy skin conditions like eczema… and did we mention that it’s oh so soft and lovely?


Organic farming practices are best for farmers! 

The standards in practices necessary to obtain a GOTS certification means that you’re not just buying an organic product when you shop with Toby Tiger – you’re buying an ethical one.

All GOTS certified cotton farmers are fully grown adults who work willingly, for a reasonable number of hours, in a safe environment for a guaranteed minimum wage.  Nobody should ever have to work and still be without the ability to support themselves and their families.

The lack of toxic pesticides also means the farmers aren’t exposed to dangerous chemicals while they work – phew!


Buying organic can save the planet!

The number of poisonous pesticides and synthetic fertilizers used in traditional cotton farming has been creeping up and up as fast fashion becomes more widespread and clothes get cheaper. Unfortunately, the use of these icky chemicals has been credited with a whole heap of depressing outcomes, from reduced wildlife numbers, wild animal and livestock poisoning, to water pollution and reduced soil fertility.

Organic cotton farming practices omit the use of these harmful chemicals, opting for natural pest control methods instead, which support sustainable agriculture that keeps the soil fertile, water clean and our air unpolluted.

So, organic cotton may cost a little more to manufacture, but the cost of cheap fast fashion is far greater for our poor old planet. Making an investment in quality, organic clothing is a great choice – it will last longer, look great and contribute to a more ethical world that the planet, and our future generations, will thank you for!