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5 Easy Halloween Games Kids Will Love
23rd October 2019

5 Easy Halloween Games Kids Will Love


Halloween Fun Title Image

There are some spooky goings-on at Toby Tiger HQ, and we’re getting into the Halloween spirit with these easy-to-make games. We’ve scoured the best crafty blogs and picked out our faves. Try them yourself and keep the kids entertained for some fab half term Halloween fun!

1. Eyeball dig

We love this fab sensory game from Kid Friendly Things To Do. Serve a big bowl of cold spaghetti with some special hidden tricks (think eyeballs!) and let the soggy fun begin... Blindfold the kids and encourage them to get hands-on in their search for the eyeballs. Yikes! https://kidfriendlythingstodo.com/fun-eyeball-dig-halloween-game-for-kids-and-teens-to-play/

Fun Eyeball Dig Halloween Game

CREDIT: Kid Friendly Things To Do

2. Pin the spider on the web

Who needs a donkey when you can use a spider and a giant web? It’s super easy to set up: either draw a giant web and tape to the wall, and give little ones a spider cut-out, or simply print out this template here from Ella Claire & Co. https://www.ellaclaireinspired.com/pin-spider-web-free-printable/

Pin the spider on the map game

CREDIT: Ellaclaire

3. Pumpkin patch stomp

Grab some orange balloons and fill with some seriously tasty treats: try sweets small enough to fit through the balloon hole, then simply blow up! Anyone who pops a balloon gets the prize inside! Make enough for some good stomping fun, and don’t forget to give an extra treat for cleaning up the mess – a great tip from Delia Creates! https://www.deliacreates.com/five-easy-halloween-games-kids

Pumpkin Patch Stomp Game

CREDIT: Delia Creates

4. Mummy racing

Got your loo roll? This is a simple yet fab idea. Get the kids into groups of two then one team member must wrap the other (like a mummy!) as fast as they can. Then, they need to race to the finish line…. whoever gets there first is the winning team!

5. Pumpkin painting

No Halloween celebration is complete without a pumpkin… but why not go one further and decorate them? Supply lots of paint, brushes (and anything else you like!) and let the kids’ imaginations run wild as they create their masterpieces – anything goes. You don’t even need to carve them (loads less mess)! Follow these great tips from Kids Craftroom. https://artfulparent.com/pumpkin-painting-a-halloween-activity-for-toddlers/

Painted Pumpkins

CREDIT: Artfulparent


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