Caring For Your 100% Organic Cotton Clothes

Care instructions: Although each article of clothing will have particular care instructions, you should be aware that we strongly advise the following to prolong the life of your lovely organic clothing!


Washing instructions: 

  • Wash with like colours.
  • Wash with cool water to further protect the environment.
  • Avoid bleaching; wherever possible, tumble dry on medium or air dry.
  • Avoid dry cleaning.
  • Iron on the back


25% of a garment's environmental impact comes from how you care for it. Therefore, we urge you to shop for eco-friendly clothing, make informed decisions, repair and rewear, wash them gently, and eventually pass them on!


Applique designs

Crunchy applique backing will dissolve on the first wash for a super soft feel. The fabric backing is temporary. 


Long-lasting & cost-effective

Anyone who has purchased organic clothing knows how soft, long-lasting, and much nicer it is to your child's skin. But for those who are unfamiliar with organic clothing, here are just a few great reasons you'll be happy you switched to more environmentally friendly infant clothing:

- Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton has not been altered by unsavoury chemicals, so the fibres remain intact, soft, and cuddly after washing. Now, who wouldn't want that?

- Because it is hypoallergenic and breathable, organic cotton is more gentle on delicate or infant skin, making it less prone to trigger sensitivities or allergies.

- They wash incredibly well. You don't need to worry about organic baby clothes fading or losing shape. Your child can wear their favourite items for as long as they fit since organic cotton is pure and long-lasting.

- Most of our organic baby and kid's clothes come in unisex designs, so regardless of the gender of your next bundle of joy, they are fantastic to pass down and endure the test of time (and play).

- Organic clothing is relatively cost-effective. While some price tags may seem costlier than those for conventional cotton, we guarantee that organic kids' clothing will cost less overall since it will last longer.

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