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Mother’s Day crafts
16th March 2020

Mother’s Day crafts


Take note dads, partners and little ones: Spoil mum this Sunday – from our free downloadable card to the best easy Mother’s Day crafts, we’ve got you sorted!

We all cherish unique keepsakes, especially when it comes to an occasion like Mother’s Day. And when it keeps the kids busy too, we think it’s a win-win!

Here are some Mother’s Day crafts to spoil that special someone this Sunday and, mums, if you’re the ones reading this, give a little nudge to the other grown-up in charge!


Free Mother’s Day card

First things first, you need a Mother’s Day card. We’ve designed a fab one – simply download, print and colour it in!

Mothers Day Card Template

We'd loved see your little ones works of art so if you'd like to share them with us please tag us on instagram @welovetobytiger



Best for babies

Hand-print bouquet 

Make a fabulous bouquet that will last forever. You can do this with one child or for the whole family – it’s super easy to make and fab fun to boot.

Hand Printing

Photo Credit: easypeasyandfun.com

You’ll need:

• non-toxic washable paints in floral colours

• green paint/green marker

• paint & paintbrush

• 2 x white paper

• scissors

• glue

• ribbon/string

How to make:

Grab your paints and depending on how messy you want to get, either paint little hands (or feet) or dip their palms in the paint.

Press the painted hand down gently but firmly on the white paper. Remove quickly to make a neater handprint.

Repeat three or four times in different colours.

Once the prints are dry, cut along each one.

Glue each print onto a big piece of paper – or even a canvas. Arrange them like flowers are displayed.

With green paint or marker, draw flower stems leading to each print and create some leaves at the bottom.

Using some ribbon or string, create a bow and stick it to the bottom of the artwork.

If space, write down your special Mother’s day message.



Great for 2–5 years

Personalised paperweight

A great little keepsake that not only will mums love, kids will love making it!

Paper Weight craft

Photo Credit: Brian Woodcock

You’ll need:

• a small rock/stone about 2-3 inches (look out for sharp edges)

• piece of fabric

• glossy water-based sealer and glue

• small piece of felt

• scissors

How to make:

Cut a small piece of fabric into strips.

Stick the fabric to the rock using the water-based sealer/glue.

With the felt, make a heart shape or the letter M. Use the same sealer and glue and add it to your personalised paperweight.

Allow to dry! 



Ice lolly picture frame 

Save those ice lolly sticks and get crafty with this great homemade picture frame!

Mothers Day Craft- Picture Frame

Photo Credit: A Few Shortcuts 

You’ll need:
colourful ice lolly sticks (craft shops sell them in multicolours, or you can colour in your own)
strong glue
card (not too heavy)
buttons/gems for decoration
hinge clip
favourite photo

How to make:
Arrange the sticks on a flat surface and aim for a small square or rectangle shape.
Cut a piece of card just smaller than your frame and glue it to your popsicle sticks to holds it all together.
On the other side, decorate with buttons, gems, or anything you like.
Stick the clip at the top.

Once all dried, add your favourite pic for mum!


Perfect for 5-6 years

Menu for breakfast in bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? Older kids will love taking charge of the most important meal of the day (with another grown-up’s help, of course!). Mums can put their feet up that bit longer, while little ones can create a menu, listing food and drink items mum can choose from. From cereal to boiled eggs, be as adventurous as your little one can manage!

Tin can planters 

Put those empty cans to good use: jazz up with paints and stickers and voila, the best and brightest planters, especially for mum. Add a little plant for the perfect finishing touch.

Mothers Day Craft - Hand Painted Tin Paint

Photo Credit: The Best Ideas For Kids

You’ll need:

Tin cans – check there’s no rust or sharp edges
acrylic paint
alphabet stickers
small plant (a cactus is ideal)
drill (for a grown-up to use)
For grown-ups, make or drill a hole in the bottom of the can for drainage.
Spell out a word or message with the alphabet stickers.
With your favourite colour, paint the entire can, covering the stickers too. You may need to do this a few times (allowing drying time between each coat).
Once the can is completely dry, peel off the stickers. If you need to, use a little bit of rubbing alcohol to tidy up the letters.
Add the soil and plant to the can!


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