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4 Benefits of Organic Clothing for Babies and Toddlers

Whether you want to dress your baby in natural fibres for their sensitive skin or keep them away from harmful chemicals, organic clothing for babies and toddlers is a great option. Not only are these outfits natural and comfortable, but they also help your child stay away from toxins. So whether you want to give your little one an edge on the fashion front, keep them away from disruptive chemicals, or look at dressing them in a new light – organic clothing is the way to go. Toby Tiger has been making organic clothes since 1998, so we know why it is better for your little one's skin. Whether you have heard about it before or not, chances are that you will now be able to make an informed decision on whether you need to get some organic clothing for your baby. Here are some of the fantastic benefits of buying them such outfits:

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Organic Clothing is Good for Baby's Skin

Finding a baby that has never suffered from a rash is rare. There are many reasons for this – water, food allergies, etc. But even if your baby has been rash-free, you must be careful when choosing clothes. Organic clothing for babies has been made of natural fibres gentler on sensitive skin. This is because natural fibres do not contain chemicals or synthetic finishes that can irritate your baby's skin. And if you are worried about the state of your baby's skin, it is best to choose organic clothing for them. This way, even if your baby has sensitive skin, there will be no rashes. Organic clothing is also eco-friendly, not using artificial chemicals during manufacturing. Our organic cotton producers and clothes manufacturers aren’t exposed to harsh chemicals and dyes, making it far safer for them – plus, it's miles better for the environment. Only natural pest control methods are used, which helps to keep the soil fertile, water clean and our air unpolluted.

Our wonderfully soft organic babygrows are made to give parents peace of mind that their little ones are warm, comfortable, and happy. They feature simple envelope necklines, footless sleepsuits, and leg popper fastenings for fuss-free changing. You can see more about our clever design features on Our Designs page.

Organic Clothing is Good for the Environment

Although cotton, silk, and wool are considered natural, synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon remain the most common materials used in baby clothing. Dyes are another way manufacturers create synthetic fabrics. Unfortunately, these dyes contain harmful chemicals that can harm your child's skin and the planet's ecosystem. Although this isn't a pressing issue, synthetic fabrics can take 20 years to decompose and are one of the top contributors to the world's pollution. You can help by choosing organic clothing for babies because these garments are made from 100% natural materials. This means no harmful chemicals and eco-friendly dyes are used in manufacturing.

We must jointly reconsider how textiles are produced and consumed in light of today's environmental concerns and the fashion and textile sectors' contributions to those challenges. Multiple functions of organic fibres contribute to the development of a sustainable industry that actively reduces its negative environmental effects and puts long-term health over immediate financial gain. A textile item bearing the GOTs label is required to have at least 70% certified organic fibres, while an item bearing the GOTS label grade "organic" is required to have at least 95% certified organic fibres. Natural fibres grown according to the principles of organic agriculture, which is a production method that supports the health of ecosystems, soil, and people, without the use of synthetic pesticides (like insecticides) or herbicides, as well as genetically modified organisms (GMOs), are known as organic fibres.

Organic Clothing is Better for Toddlers

Your baby isn't the only person who benefits from organic clothing. If you choose organic clothing for toddlers, you can be sure it does not contain harmful dyes, fragrances, or pesticides. You probably remember having to worry about your baby's sensitive skin. Well, toddlers have even more sensitive skin, so you must be even more careful when choosing to clothe. Synthetic materials can cause rashes, while organic materials are gentler on sensitive skin. They are also better for the environment because they do not contain harmful chemicals.

Our 100% GOTS-certified organic toddler gear is strong and comfortable, made to withstand the demanding wear and tear of young explorers. Our line of organic childrenswear is colourful, environmentally safe, and fun for kids to wear. It includes classic, whimsical patterns, animal figures, and stunning rainbow brights and stripes.

No Harmful Chemicals in Organic Clothing

Pesticides and chemical dyes harm the environment and your baby's health. If you buy clothing that is not organic, you are most likely choosing clothing that has been treated with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. You must be careful about the clothing you buy for your baby because their skin is susceptible. Organic clothing is the best option because it does not contain chemicals that can harm your child. If you are unsure, you can always check the label on the clothing. Organic clothing will be labelled as such and have a certification badge to indicate that it is safe for your baby's sensitive skin. We use environmentally friendly AZO-free dyes at Toby Tiger in all our rainbow colours. Plus, all our organic clothing is machine washable at 30 degrees, keeping those bright and bold colours for longer.

Our pure cotton baby sleepsuits and bodies promote calm sleep for your young one because they are made with only the cosiest, softest organic fabric. Shop the full selection of 100% cotton baby sleepsuits below, which includes stripes, colourful charming character patterns, and more.


The Natural Dye Difference

Although organic fabrics are eco-friendly and good for your baby's skin, not all organic clothing is created equal. You may have noticed that organic clothing can come in many different colours. This is because organic clothing manufacturers use natural dyes to create their fabrics - These natural dyes are made from plants and other organic materials such as turmeric, annatto, and indigo. While synthetic dyes only last a few washes, natural dyes last longer and can be used on various fabrics. While synthetic dyes could harm your baby's skin, natural dyes will not. Natural dyes are gentler and can be hypoallergenic, making them the best choice for your baby.

Our baby sleepwear ranges from organic babygrows to adorable, colourful ones for growing babies, and is appropriate from birth to 12 months. Are you seeking for cosy pyjamas for kids who are a little older? Please check out our selection of children's 100% cotton pyjamas.


You can see that organic clothing has many benefits. It is kinder to your baby's skin and is better for the environment as it is made from natural materials. Organic clothing can also be a better choice for older children, as synthetic dyes and fabrics can irritate sensitive skin. Now that you know why organic clothing is a great choice, you can shop for your baby and child. Make sure you select the best organic clothing for babies and toddlers so that they can enjoy all the benefits that come with it. 

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