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Celebrate World Turtle Day

Celebrate World Turtle Day with Toby Tiger: Fun and Educational Activities for Kids!

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World Turtle Day is an exciting opportunity to raise awareness about these incredible creatures and their conservation. At Toby Tiger, we are passionate about providing organic baby and kidswear, and we couldn't resist joining the celebration. In this blog post, we'll explore some playful and educational activities to help children learn about turtles while having a great time!


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  1. Turtle Crafts and Colouring: Let your child's creativity soar with turtle-themed crafts and colouring activities. Provide them with colouring sheets featuring various turtle species, which can be found on our website at Toby Tiger. They can use vibrant colours to bring these magnificent creatures to life. Encourage them to make turtle-inspired crafts using recycled materials like paper plates, egg cartons, and coloured paper. They can create beautiful turtle masks, handprint turtles, or even turtle shell collages with imagination!


  1. Story Time with Turtle Tales: Gather your little ones and journey through captivating turtle stories. Head to your local library or bookstore to find engaging children's books that feature turtles as the main characters. Share stories like "The Adventures of Sammy the Sea Turtle" or "Turtle's Penguin Day", highlighting essential themes like friendship, conservation, and the wonders of the natural world. Make it even more exciting by creating your turtle-themed puppet show or acting out the stories together!


  1. Turtle-Inspired Snacks: Combine learning and creativity by preparing delicious turtle-inspired snacks with your children. Whip up some turtle-shaped cookies using turtle-shaped cookie cutters, and let your little chefs decorate them with icing and colourful sprinkles. Alternatively, create "Turtle Fruit Cups" by arranging green grapes on the turtle's body and adding strawberry slices for the head and limbs. Not only will these treats be visually appealing, but they will also reinforce the turtle theme and provide a tasty snack for everyone to enjoy!


  1. Virtual Turtle Watching: Even if you can't visit a turtle nesting site in person, you can still explore the fascinating world of turtles through virtual experiences. Visit the World Turtle Day website for online resources, including live webcam feeds of sea turtles nesting on beaches or hatchlings going to the ocean. Set up a cosy space at home, grab some popcorn, and enjoy observing these incredible creatures from the comfort of your living room. It's a fantastic way to inspire children and cultivate their love for turtles and the natural world.

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World Turtle Day is a beautiful opportunity to teach children about turtles and their conservation. Through playful and educational activities, like turtle crafts, storytelling, delicious snacks, and virtual turtle watching, kids can discover the beauty and importance of these remarkable creatures. At Toby Tiger, we believe in nurturing children's curiosity and love for the environment. So, gather your little ones, dive into the turtle world, and let their imaginations run wild while celebrating these marvellous creatures on World Turtle Day! Also, remember to check out Toby Tiger's turtle-themed organic baby and kidswear collection for stylish and sustainable outfits.


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Turtle Fun Facts:

  • Did you know that turtles have existed for over 200 million years? That means they lived alongside dinosaurs!
  • Turtles are reptiles, and unlike most snakes, they have a hard protective shell that acts like their own portable home.
  • Some turtles can live to be over 100 years old! That's older than most of our grandparents.
  • Turtles are excellent swimmers with specially adapted flippers or webbed feet to help them glide through the water.
  • Turtles have a fantastic sense of smell, which helps them find their food. Some species are herbivores, munching on plants and fruits, while others are carnivores, feasting on insects and small fish.
  • Some turtles can retract their heads and limbs into their shells for protection when they feel threatened.
  • Sea turtles are incredible travellers and can swim long distances, with some species crossing entire oceans!

By sharing these fascinating turtle facts with your little ones, you'll entertain them and nurture their curiosity and love for these remarkable creatures.


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