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Don't Fall Into the Black Friday Trap - Shop Independent and Small This Year!

This year, don't fall into the Black Friday trap. Instead of buying from big companies, shop independent and shop small! Holly Tucker, the founder of Colour Friday, is leading the way to a retail revolution by encouraging people to show appreciation for small businesses and local artisans by purchasing thoughtful Christmas presents from UK independents. So let's get behind her and celebrate the Colour and creativity of small businesses this holiday season.

What is Black Friday?

With Black Friday becoming increasingly popular, it's essential to recognize other ways to shop for the holidays. Enter Colour Friday, an initiative launched by Holly & Co, a lifestyle business dedicated to championing independent and creative industries.
The concept of Colour Friday is simple: instead of participating in Black Friday's mass purchasing from large companies, shoppers are encouraged to celebrate the Colour and creativity that small businesses contribute and to buy thoughtful Christmas presents from UK independents. By joining this movement, you can vote with your money and support small businesses.
By shopping independently on Colour Friday, you can show your support for local artisans, entrepreneurs, and craftsmen who put their heart and soul into every product they create. Not only that, but you can be sure that your money is going towards a product that was made with integrity and quality.
So instead of rushing to the nearest big-box store on Black Friday, take some time to discover the hidden gems at independent stores and join the Colour Friday movement! Shop independently and help small businesses make a significant impact this holiday season.

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What is Colour Friday?

Holly & Co is urging everyone to support small businesses and shop this Christmas independently. By voting with your money, you can help create a world we want to live in by choosing thoughtful presents made to last instead of items made for landfill.
On 25th November, join the Colour Friday revolution and opt out of Black Friday's mass consumption. Instead, celebrate the Colour and creativity of small businesses and buy your Christmas presents from UK independents. Holly & Co understand the importance of shopping independently and has created a small business directory to help you find the perfect gift this holiday season.
Help us spread the word about Colour Friday; together, we can spark a retail revolution!


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How to Support Small Businesses on Colour Friday

Show your support for small businesses this Colour Friday, and let's make this Black Friday as colourful as possible! Holly Tucker of Holly & Co introduced Colour Friday to promote the creativity and Colour that small businesses bring to the retail space. By participating in Colour Friday, you can show appreciation for independent shops and consciously try to shop independently.
Vote with your money and support small businesses by purchasing if you can. No matter how big or small, every purchase helps and will be very much appreciated by independent shop owners. Let's also remember the power of social media; liking, following, sharing, or saving posts by small businesses is just as valuable and helps them get more exposure.
Let's spread the word and celebrate the Colour that small businesses bring to our lives! Help us shine a light on small businesses, and share any small business you think deserves some love with us. We all must join together to support each other in this retail revolution.

How to Shop Independent This Christmas

The days of joining the Black Friday frenzy are behind us. Instead, participate in the retail revolution this Christmas and shop independently with small businesses. Holly Tucker, the founder of the home and lifestyle brand Holly & Co, started Colour Friday to encourage people to shop small and support small businesses.
The concept is simple - instead of supporting large companies on Black Friday, buy from independent retailers who need our support more than ever. With their unique products and offerings, small businesses make shopping for Christmas presents much more enjoyable. From beauty to homeware, it's easy to find something unique and meaningful that your loved ones will treasure.
Shopping small has never been easier! You can visit local markets or shop online through marketplaces like Etsy and Notonthehighstreet or through business websites. So let's vote with our money and support these small businesses to keep their creative dreams alive! Shop this holiday season independently and give meaningful gifts that will bring joy to others and help build a brighter future.


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