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Earth Day 2021: Fun Ways To Get Involved!

Here at Toby Tiger, we’re no strangers to Earth Day! We simply love our little planet and try our very best to look after it with everything we do.

Since we first opened our doors around 20 years ago, we’ve been an organic childrenswear brand that is positively committed to being as ethical and environmentally conscious as we can be - and we still stick to those very values today!

Choosing to use only the very best GOTS-certified cotton to create super-soft clothing for little ones, as well as offering endless hours of fun with responsibly-sourced wooden toys - we can confidently say we’re always hopping, skipping and jumping the extra mile to help protect our planet.



This year, to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd we invite you to join us on our mission to create planet-friendly fun! 

In this blog, we’ve rounded up a number of our favourite Earth Day activities that are designed to help the whole family be more environmentally responsible in a fun, challenging way. Keep reading as we walk you through some of the ways you too can create planet-happy habits and make every day an Earth Day celebration! 

But first, what is Earth Day? 

Earth Day is an annual, worldwide event that brings people from all walks of life together to help educate and activate the environmental movement across the globe. Put simply, Earth Day is the one day a year where we can reflect on everything our planet has to offer us, as well as sharing plenty of sustainable tips and tricks to find new and exciting ways to support the planet and the natural world around us. 

The theme for Earth Day 2021 is ‘Restore Our Earth’ and this theme is designed to shed light on ways we can conserve and rebuild ecosystems, improve farming practices, restore wildlife populations and lower our carbon footprint. If you’d like to find out more about Earth Day and find a local Earth Day event near you, head to the Earth Day 2021 event page

How do Toby Tiger help protect the planet? 

In a nutshell - everything we do at Toby Tiger is designed to be as planet-friendly as possible, which is why we often shout about our GOTS-Certified badge of honour!

This industry-standard recognition means that we - and you - can be 100% confident that 7we’re doing everything in our power to commit to an environmentally-friendly method of production at every step of our production process. From our lovely suppliers in the Toby Tiger factories working to GOTS targets to help conserve water and energy, to excellent, clean and fair working environments for all of our workers - everything we do is designed to keep us, you and the planet smiling.

And while we do our best to protect our beautiful planet, we also take steps to help all the amazing animals that also call Earth home!

Whether it’s our iconic brand name or the adorable animal prints and cuddly characters that are proudly displayed on our colourful clothing for kids, animals are truly at the heart of our brand - which is why we work with trusted charities and organisations that set out to help protect them! 

Fabulously Fun Earth Day Activities

Whether it’s making up cheerful challenges designed to help encourage recycling, spending a day planting flowers or simply going on an outdoor family adventure in a green space amidst the flora and fauna, our range of Earth Day activities for children have all areas covered! Here are just some of the ways you can get your little ones involved this Earth Day:

  • Conscious Crafting

Listen up, conscious crafters… it’s time to get your fingers messy! 

From homemade seed bombs to beautiful bird-feeder decorations, Earth Day projects are excellent for teaching kids about the protection of our planet. This super-fun seed bomb tutorial offers a step-by-step guide on how to create simple flower bombs from paper, which teaches growing green fingers about the importance of planting seeds, conservation and the environment. Once they’ve planted their seed bombs, this rewarding activity will likely continue to spark excitement as they watch their seedlings grow into beautiful wildflowers! 

  • Room-to-room Recycling Rodeo!

The perfect indoor challenge for when the unpredictable British weather is a little drizzly outside, the Toby Tiger recycling rodeo allows your little ones to learn more about what can and cannot be recycled in a fun and informative way! Encouraging lasting conscious habits from the get-go, parents can draw up a list of items around the home for children to find. These items can be a mixture of recyclable/non-recyclable products to educate little ones on what can, or what cannot be popped in the recycling! A fun, interactive way to teach your children about the importance of recycling. 

  • Super Scenic Scavenger Hunt! 

  • Even before Earth day 2021 arrives, we recommend spending plenty of time outdoors with your little explorers! 

    Letting them splash in muddy puddles, breathing in the fresh air, observing buzzing wildlife and watching Spring flowers bloom is the perfect way to immerse your children in everything Earth has to offer. 

    So, we simply say - let your little one’s imagination run free! Draw up a scavenger hunt and encourage them to head off and find different flowers, leaves, plants and more to truly experience the beauty of the natural world. 

  • Delicious Earth Day Bakes! 

  • From caterpillar cakes to creepy-crawly cookies - this buzzing collection of themed baking projects is sure to get your little ones excited. Here at Toby Tiger, we absolutely love the Butterfly Fruit Pizza from Hungry Happenings as it’s a healthy, happy recipe designed to open up a conversation about the importance of wildlife. 

    Let your little ones decorate their own butterfly wings with an assortment of colourful fruits, all whilst talking them through the importance of butterflies. While protecting butterfly habitats and ecosystems is more important now than ever before, you could even take this activity further by planting a dedicated wildflower mix in your garden to help attract more butterflies! 

    Look the part this Earth Day at Toby Tiger! 

    Have fun, spark conversations and look the part this Earth Day with our collection of colourful organic clothing for kids at Toby Tiger. 

    Inspired by the great outdoors, our We Love Rainbows organic clothing collection draws on bright and beautiful rainbows, drizzly showers and beautiful blooms designed to brighten up your little one’s wardrobe. Available in newborn sizes, right up to the age of six, our colourful, cheerful collection of snuggly-soft organic clothing brightens up the dullest of days! 

    From organic raindrop tops and tees to darling organic dungarees for kids beaming with beautiful sunflowers, however you choose to celebrate Earth Day this year, do it in planet-friendly style! Shop our full collection of organic children’s clothing for budding explorers online at Toby Tiger. 

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