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Easy Ways To Go Organic

Let’s save the planet… go organic!

Here's 8 easy ways to go organic

This Organic September, we round up several ways you and your family can get a little bit more organic in your life. Some are so simple that you can do it all year long - not just in September!




The UK gets through a whopping 100 million cups of tea and 95 million coffees a day. Swapping your go-to brew to organic will make a big impact over the year. There are plenty of Fairtrade and organic options - take your pick!


Chocolate is big business with a significant impact on the environment. But, as with tea and coffee, there's a great selection of delicious organic chocolate out there - which is far kinder to the planet, thanks to eco-friendly farming practices and principles. We love Cocoa Loco and PLAYin CHOC - fab for the little ones.


Growing your own is all the rage these days - and what better than growing your organic fruit and veg? Using peat-free compost and pollinator-friendly plants are great ways to keep your soil tip-top and encourage biodiverse wildlife populations from home. Even just starting with growing your own herbs just needs a windowsill and is an excellent activity for the kids, too! 


Getting your organic fruit, veg, and even meat delivered is not only convenient but helps to support often local farmers and organisations that help to supply better food that's better for our health, wildlife and planet. See the Soil Association's listings to find an organic box scheme near you.


Beauty isn't just skin deep when it comes to all the controversial chemicals, parabens and phthalates, synthetic dyes or fragrances packed into everyday products. Choose Soil Association-approved brands - better for your health while you can be secure in the knowledge they don't test on animals.


Go one step further than free-range. Organic eggs stamped with the Soil Association symbol come from farms with the highest animal welfare standards in the UK - chickens are kept in smaller flocks, are genuinely 'free range' and fed a GM-free diet.


Nipping to your local independent shop for some organic bits and bobs is a great and meaningful way to support local businesses in your area. Many have 'fill your own' stations and lots of eco-friendly extras to avoid packaging waste too!


Simply spreading the word about the easy ways, we can go organic to friends and family to friends and family helps. Just making one or some small changes will benefit our future.


Find out more tips from the Soil Association.


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