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Froggy Fashion for World Frog Day

It's World Frog Day and what better way to celebrate than with some fun froggy fashion? Plenty of cute frog clothing options exist, from Toby Tiger frog hoodies with fun 'frog eyes' on the hood to a T-shirt with a lift-the-flap applique frog hiding in a plant pot. There's even a frog print on yoga pants and a dribble bib. So, if you're looking for a fun and stylish way to honour World Frog Day, look no further - there's something froggy for everyone!


About World Frog Day

World Frog Day is an annual celebration held every March 20 to increase awareness of threatened frog species. It was founded in 2009 and is celebrated in many countries worldwide.
There are at least 7,400 species of frogs, and 28% of them are threatened with extinction. Unfortunately, 1,000 species (14%) have yet to be assessed for their threat categories, and another 1,000 (14%) are so little known that they cannot be accurately set.
Habitat loss and destruction, water pollution, the introduction of non-native species, climate change, agriculture, and urban development all contribute to frog populations' decline. In addition, diseases, especially chytridiomycosis, have a massive effect on frogs.
The Amphibian Ark is an organization dedicated to evaluating conservation needs for amphibian species and regions, leading the development and implementation of training programs, and developing communications strategies. Since 2010, the Amphibian Ark has worked with scientists and researchers from 48 countries to establish conservation needs assessments and conservation recommendations for over 3,500 amphibian species.
This World Frog Day, why not dress your kids in Toby Tiger's fun frog hoodie or T-shirt with a lift-the-flap applique frog hiding in a plant pot? We also have a frog print on yoga pants and a dribble bib for extra fun. All of these items are machine washable for easy care.

Organic Frog Applique Hoodie

Toby Tiger frog hoodie

If you're looking for the perfect froggy fashion for World Frog Day, look no further than the Toby Tiger frog hoodie. This soft, bold green zip-up hoodie is ideal for celebrating this special day. It has contrasting blue trim and features fun 'frog eyes' and spring-inspired stitched appliques that your little one will love. Plus, it's organic, sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical. It's made from GOTs-certified cotton and is machine washable - making it perfect for everyday wear. It's an excellent option for all kids, whether they want to dress up or stay comfy in their PJs. So celebrate World Frog Day in style with the Toby Tiger frog hoodie.

Organic Frog Applique T-Shirt

T-shirt with a lift-the-flap applique frog

This fun T-shirt is perfect for World Frog Day! The T-shirt is made of organic cotton and has red and white stripes and bright green trim. The highlight is a lift-the-flap applique frog hiding in a plant pot, perfect for kids to explore and discover. For younger kids, there are smaller sizes with neck poppers for easy on and off. The kids' hoodie, T-shirt and yoga pants all feature this frog, so you can mix and match it to create the perfect outfit. Plus, these items are machine washable, making them easy to care for. Whether you're looking for a fun hoodie or a kid's t-shirt, there's something for everyone at Toby Tiger. So why not get your frog on and celebrate World Frog Day with our range of froggy fashion!

Organic Frog Print T-Shirt

T-shirt with a frog print

This fun kids T-shirt is the perfect choice to celebrate World Frog Day! It's sunshine yellow and features a smiley, friendly frog that will make your little one look extra cute. The T-shirt is made from 100% certified organic cotton, so you can be sure your child is wearing something comfortable and safe. Smaller sizes come with easy-peasy neck poppers and a navy trim for extra style. Don't forget to check out the organic collection online – featuring everything from fun hoodies to kids' T-shirts and even dribble bibs and yoga pants – all with fun frogs! Plus, all items are machine washable, so there is no need to worry about the mess!

Organic Frog Print Yoga Pants

Yoga pants with a frog print

Toby Tiger has a fantastic collection of organic clothing for children, including yoga pants with a fun frog print. These yellow trousers feature contrasting blue elastic waist and ankle bands for comfort and practicality, making them perfect for active kids who love exploring and playing. The frog print is made with GOTs-certified organic cotton and can be paired with matching T-shirts or kid's hoodies. With a range of fun frogs and colourful motifs, you'll find the perfect piece to complete your little one's wardrobe. All parts are machine washable, so you don't have to worry about messes! Pick up a frog-printed T-shirt or a fun hoodie with 'frog eyes' on the hood to complete the look, or go for a dribble bib with a frog print to add a special touch.

Organic Frog Print Dribble Bib

Dribble bib with a frog print

Babies and toddlers are known for their love of food and drinks, so spills and dribbles come second nature. But, when it comes to keeping them clean, this frog print organic dribble bib is the perfect accessory. Super soft and absorbent, the 100% certified organic material is ideal for your baby's delicate skin. The adjustable popper fastening ensures a perfect fit, and the fabric is machine washable too! Get the complete matching look online with the frog-themed organic cotton childrenswear range – from a fun hoodie or kids' hoodie with 'frog eyes' on the hood to a kid T-shirt with a lift-the-flap applique frog and even yoga pants with a frog print.

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