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How to Dress Your Child in Unisex, Gender-Neutral Clothing

When you're out shopping and come across the adorable, brightly coloured, gender-neutral clothing line that Toby Tiger makes, you might think it's just one more option in your already busy store of choices. But choosing to dress your child in unisex clothing can significantly impact how they feel about themselves as they grow up. The benefits of gender-neutral clothing aren't limited to kids, either; adults can also benefit from dressing in unisex clothing! Here are some tips on how to dress your child in unisex clothing.


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Introducing Toby Tiger

At Toby Tiger, we believe kids should be free to express themselves however they want without worrying about gender stereotypes or prejudices. That's why we design and manufacture unisex clothes that are colourful, fun, and free from gender-specific designs. So whether you're shopping for boys or girls' clothes, our collection of baby and kids' clothes in gender-neutral styles, colours and prints are perfect for everyone. Our range features long and short-sleeved t-shirts, skater and pinafore dresses, comfy dungarees and slungarees, organic yoga pants and shorts, cosy fleeces and hoodies, all in a rainbow of bright colours that will be sure to bring a smile to your little one's face. So don't let gender stereotypes get in the way of your child expressing their individuality – shop at Toby Tiger for all your unisex and gender-neutral baby and kids' clothing needs!


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The Importance of Unisex, Gender-Neutral Clothing

Our unisex baby and kids' clothing collection encompasses a variety of styles, colours, and prints. We strive to provide a space where kids can express themselves in an atmosphere of kindness and acceptance. Boys' and girls' clothes are no longer necessary - the entire collection is designed to be gender-neutral, allowing all children to find a comfortable and confident style.

In addition to enabling children to express themselves freely, our unisex clothing also promotes sustainability. Instead of buying new clothes for your growing child every season, unisex clothing ensures that items can be passed down from one sibling to the next. And with each purchase, you're helping to create a more inclusive future for children of all genders.

At Toby Tiger, we believe kids should be free to wear whatever they want and celebrate their uniqueness - free from gender stereotypes and prejudices. So when you shop with us, you can trust that you'll find bright, colourful and sustainable clothes that let your child be themselves without judgment.


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The Benefits of Unisex, Gender-Neutral Clothing

For children, the experience of growing up has changed a lot over the years. The days of restrictive gender stereotypes and expectations are fading away, leaving parents with the opportunity to dress their kids in unisex, gender-neutral clothing. No longer do boys need to stick to blue and girls need to wear pink – bright and colourful clothes can be worn by all!

Unisex baby and kids' clothing is an excellent way to express themselves without preconceived gender prejudices. By not having girls' and boys' clothes, children can make their own choices about what they want to wear without feeling the pressure of gender stereotypes. Allowing children to explore and be creative with their wardrobe and express themselves freely in any way they wish. 

This clothing type can also benefit parents with more than one child of different genders. Unisex clothing is excellent for family members to share and reuse with ease, as it doesn't come in specific colours or styles for either boys or girls. In addition, there is an excellent selection of unisex baby clothes available, so even the youngest members of the family can join in on the trend. 

In short, unisex, gender-neutral clothing is an excellent option for parents who want their children to look smart and stylish while having fun with their clothes. So if you're looking to give your little ones a break from gender stereotypes, unisex clothing could be perfect.


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How to Dress Your Child in Unisex, Gender-Neutral Clothing

Dressing your child in unisex, gender-neutral clothing is a great way to reduce the influence of gender stereotypes and ensure that kids are free to be themselves. Gender-neutral clothes provide a wider variety of options for kids to express themselves, but they can also make it easier for parents to shop for their children.

Unisex clothing comes in a variety of bright, colourful styles and designs. These clothes are often more playful and fun than the traditional gender-specific styles of boys' and girls' clothes. The best thing about these clothes is that they don't discriminate based on gender and can be worn by both boys and girls alike.

When shopping for baby clothes, look for unisex styles designed to fit both boys and girls. Also, look for bright colours, fun patterns and comfortable fabrics that will keep your baby comfortable. Baby clothes don't need to be segregated by gender; instead, let your child pick out something they like and let them express their style!

By choosing gender-neutral clothing for your children, you're stating the importance of allowing children to be themselves without judgment. Gender stereotypes have no place in the lives of young people, and this is a great way to ensure that your child is free to explore their own identity without any gender prejudices.


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It is important to remember that no matter what gender your child is, they should be free to express themselves through their clothing. Shopping for unisex, gender-neutral clothes is one way to break down gender stereotypes and ensure that all children can access bright, colourful clothes without gender prejudices. Boys and girls can wear gender-neutral baby clothes and kids' clothing to enable them to explore the world around them without worrying about conforming to a particular gender. Gender-neutral clothing allows kids to be themselves and enjoy their childhood.


Let Clothes Be Clothes


A grassroots initiative called Let Clothes Be Clothes was launched in 2014 to combat gender stereotyping in children's apparel, footwear, and accessories design and marketing.

LCBC, led by Francesca Cambridge Mallen, encourages consumer choice by opposing categorising things as "for girls" and "for boys," which is commonplace.

Families choose to shop based on colour, style, and age instead, and by allowing their children to share clothes more freely, they also help the environment.

Let Clothes Be Clothes promotes more inclusive school uniform rules, routinely engages with families and schools, and provides suggestions for moving toward more "mindful and caring" practises, as the Department for Education England recommended.

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