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How to make your little one’s wardrobe more sustainable.

It’s no secret that our little one’s don’t stay very little for long.


In fact, kid’s grow fast, which can often make creating a sustainable wardrobe for your baby seem like an impossible task. On average, as your little one grows from a baby to three-year-old toddler, they’ll require up to seven different clothing sizes in that timeframe* which leaves many parents with a whole wardrobe of hardly-worn, outgrown clothes that no longer fit. 

Here at Toby Tiger, we’re here to help parent’s wave bye-bye to throwaway habits, which is why we’ve compiled a list of our top recommendations to help you make the most of your baby's growing wardrobe. From eco-friendly swaps, to tips on creating the perfect capsule wardrobe for your little one, keep reading as we walk you through our favourite small changes that make a huge difference! 



Invest in functional baby clothes


To new parents, it may come as a bit of a surprise how often you feel you have to replace your little one’s wardrobe. One day, they’ll seem super cosy in their little babygrows - the next, you won’t believe they ever fitted into it. But, don’t panic! There are plenty of baby brands offering parents functional baby clothing, so parents can size up and make the most of their purchases. 

Our collection of sustainable baby clothing at Toby Tiger is designed in-house with this exact problem in mind. Featuring clever design details, such as elasticated drawstring waists, adjustable shoulder straps and turn up sleeves and legs, our thoughtfully-designed clothing encourages parents to shop smart and size up!

Simply turn up sleeves, or cinch in waists to keep your tot comfortable as they grow, all whilst prolonging their wardrobe lifespan which leads to less purchases and more wear. Kind on your pennies and the planet.


Organic English Garden Print Summer Dress - Toby Tiger



Buy less, but buy durable


Taking the time to research the materials you’re buying for your children’s wardrobe, means you’re more likely to make conscious sustainable decisions. Not only are durable fabrics designed to stand the test of time and the rough and tumble of a toddlers day-to-day, they’re also kinder to the planet, here’s a few of our favourite eco-friendly fabrics: 



GOTS-certified organic cotton


    Breathable, deliciously soft and kind to little one’s sensitive skin, 100% organic cotton is a completely robust fabric that will see your little one through plenty of wear. GOTS-certified cotton is a strong, sustainable fabric, and there are plenty of ethical rules in the cotton production process to ensure it meets the GOTS-certified mark. Here at Toby Tiger, most of our cotton garments are 100% GOTS-certified, and we’re continuously working to help both the environment and our workers, by providing cleaner, safer work conditions. GOTS-certified organic cotton also means our manufacturers (and the planet!) aren’t exposed to any harmful chemicals or dyes, making it far safer and far more sustainable as opposed to regular cotton. (phew!) 



    Organic English Garden Print Yoga Pants - Toby Tiger


    AZO-free dyes


    Whilst we love beautiful, bright clothing at Toby Tiger - there are plenty of manufacturers that still use harmful dyes and chemicals to create vivid bright colours. These dyes are often super irritating to a little one’s sensitive skin and they’re not great for the planet either, as they don’t degrade under natural environmental conditions.


    Here at Toby Tiger, we’re proud as punch to be completely AZO-free! 

    Which means that each of the colourful, cheerful prints and playful appliques you spot across our collection of sustainable baby clothes are produced in a natural, ethical way and are completely safe to wear and love time and time again! 

    Did you know: 

    Synthetic fabrics often used in baby clothing such as nylon, polyester and acrylic can also take anywhere between 20 to 200 years to decompose. So taking the time to invest in kids’ clothing made from natural fibres, offers peace of mind that these fibres will break down naturally and biodegrade - lowering your little one’s carbon footprint and making a greener future for you and baby!



    Invest in basics


    Whilst the British weather is unpredictable at the best of times, it is helpful in any type of climate to build a basic sustainable wardrobe for your baby. 

    Starting with essential pieces that can be mixed and matched with other garments, it’s easy to create a wardrobe that will see your little one through all seasons. Whether you choose to stick to a neutral colour palette, or you let loose with big bold prints and colours - our collection of organic cotton baby basics help to create a capsule wardrobe rotation your little one will love. Ready for whatever the weather may bring, having a set number of layering pieces on rotation eliminates the need for frantic panic buying when the temperature dips and encourages you to layer up your little one’s basics time and time again. 

    Try adding a pair of our snuggly soft baby leggings underneath our roomy baby yoga pants, or layer up our super cute dungarees with a long-sleeve organic cotton tee


    Recycle and reinvent!


    Oh-so-simple but oh-so-effective, whether it’s an old bag of baby onesies or a pile of baby yoga pants, if your little one’s clothes are still in good condition but they no longer fit - there are a number of sustainable recycling solutions to consider: 

    Turn your little one’s old clothes into memories

    We all want to hold on to those precious memories and turning your little one’s old clothing into keepsakes is a thoughtful way to reduce your clothing waste! 

    Whether it’s making your baby a memory quilt from old clothing they’ll likely cherish for years, or your next crafting project is to turn baby’s clothes into a comforting stuffed toy - the possibilities are truly endless! Thanks to the durable nature of organic cotton, it’s possible to repurpose your old Toby Tiger garments into toys, blankets or accessories that will withstand the test of time.


    Pass to loved ones


    Found yourself with a bagful of once-loved baby onesies your little ones wriggly legs are peeking out of? If they’re in good condition, consider passing them on to be loved once more! Friends, family members or even school-gate peers will be more than happy to take them off your hands, as we know all too well that little one’s are in constant need of new clothes. 

    If you’ve no other little ones in your life, an armful of clean, high-quality kids clothes will surely go a long way at your local charity shop. If you want extra brownie points, try to pick a charity or donation shop close to school, as this will likely get a lot of footfall from parents! 


    Organic English Garden Applique Hoodie - Toby Tiger


    Recycle and re-love!


    Whilst it may be tempting to throw your little one’s clothing away as you declutter, there are a number of convenient new recycling services that offer simple ways to keep all clothing in use, and out of the bin! 

    Did you know: In the UK, around 336,000 tonnes of our unwanted clothing gets thrown away every year?

    To start, check to see if your local council collects clothes and textiles to be recycled. If this service isn’t available in your area, you can also drop your little one’s old garments at recycling points and clothing and textile banks. These are often found outside supermarkets or local car parks - to find your nearest recycling centre, simply enter your postcode here to find your nearest. 

    Here at Toby Tiger, we’re always looking for ways to be kinder to the planet and we’re currently creating a recycling scheme, to let our customers return their old clothing in return for Toby Tiger exclusive offers. Keep your eyes peeled for this service coming very soon! 


    Eco-friendly clothing for kids at Toby Tiger

    There’s simply no way to get around the fact that curious little kids are constantly in need of new clothes, but our top eco-friendly tips and tricks are designed to help save pennies, make conscious decisions and build a greener future for you and your family. 

    Inspired? Take a look at our latest eco-friendly baby clothing collections at Toby Tiger. Encapsulate that day at the beach feeling with our by the sea collection, featuring adorable organic cotton babygrows in summer-ready stripes. Or head down to the garden and breathe in the beautiful blooms with our English Garden collection, complete with floral summer dresses for babies, matching muslins and more. 

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