Let’s get kids gardening!




Kids can really be kids in the great outdoors. Now – more than ever – our gardens are one of the best places to be. Try our Toby Tiger games and activities for some great garden fun! We can't wait to see what you get up to!

Fine motor skills are enhanced in the garden – think how pulling up weeds and carefully looking after seedlings and plants will help your little ones develop. Kids will also love getting their hands mucky, and exploring the garden engages all our senses. It's even thought to be a great way to help keep our immune systems healthy!


Get your little ones to run the soil between their fingers. Ask them how it feels. Add a bit of water, and how does it feel now? Try making some mud art or mud prints with your mucky hands. Just take a piece of cardboard into the garden and see what your little ones can create!


Herbs are a great way to appeal to kids when it comes to growing and nurturing life in the garden. Start off with mint, and you can all enjoy the results with homemade lemonade, added to an ice-cream treat or sprinkled on top of strawberries. Yum!

 You’ll need:

-Peat-free compost

-Plant pot

-Mint plant

-Recycled plastic bag

-Elastic band/bobble

    Add compost to the pot, leaving an inch at the top. Make small holes around the edge of the container using a pencil.

    Cut 4 or 5 stems of your mint, removing the leaves at the bottom (save them for cooking!) and add them to the holes.
    Give it a good water, cover with the bag and fix in place using the band/bobble.
    Place your pot somewhere warm and light – let your little ones choose a good spot – and keep the soil nice and moist.
    Once the mint has established, you can remove the plastic bag and enjoy your mint!

    Your child will be delighted they’ve helped to grow food. You can try it with veg and fruits – particularly if they can be a bit picky with their food. It may encourage them to try and enjoy new healthy foods if they're in charge of growing it!

    Gardening is a great way to teach little ones all about time and patience. Many activities aren't instant, and instead, we have to play the waiting game – of course, we know it's worth it! Each day, take a look at your plants – are they getting enough water, do some need more care than others? Are they getting enough or even too much sunlight? Older kids can create a checklist to make sure the garden is in tip-top shape. Maths also plays a part in the garden. How many little seeds can your little one plant in a row, or how many fit in the small pot? How much water is needed? All these questions will help to develop maths skills as well as thinking about the bigger picture. Get your mini explorers to look out for our super duper garden buddies. Print out our scavenger hunt and your little one can tick off as soon as they spot them. Once they are done with that why not try our drawing and colouring activity sheets?






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