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Love Organic: Best Of Both Worlds

We all want what’s best for our kids. That’s why we make our fun and fab clothes from organic cotton. It’s natural, kind to delicate skin and friendlier to the environment to boot.

It’s no secret that Toby Tiger clothing feels so much softer next to a standard kids’ high street brand. Even wash after wash, it’ll remain that way. That’s because organic cotton really is softer than traditionally farmed cotton. Conventional cotton farming processes use chemicals that damage and break down the fabric’s fibres, so before the clothes are even made, organic cotton is already stronger and less damaged – meaning it’s softer as a result!

Eco-friendly perks

But, for us, organic cotton isn’t just about the super soft factor. Poisonous pesticides and synthetic fertilisers used in traditional cotton farming has been creeping up and up as fast fashion becomes more widespread and clothes get cheaper. The obvious downsides to the overuse of chemicals includes reduced wildlife numbers, wild animal and livestock poisoning, water pollution and reduced soil fertility.

We don’t want to be any part of that. And we don’t believe in fast fashion. Instead, we make eco-friendly kids’ clothes that last, that can be mixed and matched to wear throughout the seasons and then passed along for someone else to love.

Organic: It’s all in the label

Our organic cotton is certified by GOTS and the Soil Association.

GOTS certification is the highest level of certification that an organic fabric can have, proving that it’s been made to an ethical and environmentally friendly standard. To get this badge of honour, the cotton must meet a strict set of standards covering everything from the amount of chemical pesticides and fertilisers used (hint: none!), to the farmers’ working conditions. With GOTS-certified cotton, you can trace the cotton used to make your t-shirt right back to the field where it was grown! So, if you see these logos you know you’re good to go.

While organic cotton may cost a little more to make, the cost of cheap and fast fashion is far greater for our poor old planet. Making an investment in quality, organic clothing is a great choice – it’ll last longer, look great and contribute to a more ethical world that the planet - and our future generations - will thank you for!

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