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Love Parks Week

Love Parks Week is back from 29 July to 5 August. This year, we're celebrating the joy of parks and all the fantastic ways we can enjoy them – from picnics to puddle-jumping! At Toby Tiger, we want to encourage all children to get involved and enjoy their local parks. Our clothes are designed for ease of movement and play, so they will be comfortable on the swings, eating lunch or playing hide and seek. 

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We all enjoy our local parks - especially during the summer holidays. But, for those without gardens, it can be the only piece of green space they can access for some people, which is essential for their physical and mental wellbeing. So we all must play our part in maintaining and appreciating these areas of our shared space.


LoveParks Week is a nationwide celebration of our parks. It's a week dedicated to getting people outside, connecting with their local park and engaging their community around the importance of parks. LoveParks Week is produced by Keep Britain Tidy, an independent charity with three goals - to eliminate litter, end waste and improve places for everyone. Local partners host events in different cities and release them on social media using #LoveParksWeek, and the city or town they're taking place in. 


Love Parks Week also aims to help people discover more about their area's local green spaces and encourage them to work with others to support and enhance these spaces. In doing so, an individual may come to appreciate their local parks even more than before—hopefully making them feel more inclined to get involved and create positive change where they live. So who is this event for? Anyone who loves parks! Whether you're a nature lover, love walking your dog or just want somewhere green to hang out on sunny days – everyone has something to gain from Love Parks Week.


What can we do to help out?

  • Share on social media and get the word out
  • Help with the litter picking effort
  • Celebrate & support the volunteers and workers
  • Enjoy these green open spaces
  • Find out what events are happening near you
  • Get your kids involved in looking after their local park
  • Shout about your favourite green space

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As nature lovers here at Toby Tiger, we love anything that helps out all the little creatures around us. By picking up litter and keeping our shared spaces clean, we are also making their home a better place for them to thrive. This includes bees, butterflies and bugs - as featured in our organic kidswear and baby clothes collections. We love to give nature a voice and celebrate the flowers, plants and insects through our applique and print designs. Kids love the bright, bold and colourful characters, which are a great way to introduce them to environmental issues so that they are passionate about helping out. For example, our English Garden Collection features ladybirds, daisies, bluebells and leaves - full of quintessentially English park-themed details. Or our Bug Collection stars buzzy bees, wriggly worms and swirly snails - perfect for bug hunting in your local park. 

So get out there this week and enjoy your local parks - Just remember to take a picnic and clear up after yourselves!


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