National Children's Gardening Week - Toby Tiger

National Children's Gardening Week

Get Your Little Green Thumbs Ready for National Children's Gardening Week with Toby Tiger!


Spring has sprung, and it's time to get our little ones outside and connect with nature! National Children's Gardening Week is here. Toby Tiger has everything you need to inspire your little green thumbs. From adorable gardening-themed clothing to exciting activities, this week-long celebration is the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to the wonders of gardening in a fun and playful way.

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1. Discover Toby Tiger's Gardening Collection:

Before you dive into the dirt, let's talk fashion! Toby Tiger offers a delightful range of gardening-themed clothing that will have your little ones looking as fresh as a blooming flower. Our Veg Garden and English Garden collections are simply irresistible. From vibrant vegetable prints to delicate floral patterns, these designs will make your child the most stylish gardener in town. Whether potting plants or picking strawberries, Toby Tiger's clothing will keep them comfy and adorable throughout their gardening adventures.

2. Planting Seeds of Curiosity:

National Children's Gardening Week is about nurturing curiosity and a love for the natural world. Gardening offers children endless opportunities for learning and exploration. It teaches them patience, responsibility, and the importance of caring for living things. So, roll up your sleeves, grab a trowel, and encourage your little ones to get their hands dirty. Together, you can plant seeds, watch them grow, and witness the magical transformation of nature firsthand.

3. Outdoor Activities for Little Green Thumbs:

During National Children's Gardening Week, there are plenty of fun activities you can engage in with your children. Plan a scavenger hunt to discover different plants and insects in your garden. Create a mini garden in a container where your little ones can grow flowers or herbs. Get creative with DIY projects like making seed bombs or building a bug hotel. The possibilities are endless, and Toby Tiger's playful clothing will add joy to these activities.

4. Connect with Nature:

In today's fast-paced digital world, it's crucial to carve out time for our children to connect with nature. National Children's Gardening Week provides the perfect opportunity to unplug from screens and engage with the natural world. Spending time outdoors stimulates the senses, encourages physical activity, and fosters a deep appreciation for the environment. So, let your children breathe in the fresh air, feel the earth beneath their fingers, and discover the beauty of the world around them.

5. Share Your Gardening Adventures:

During National Children's Gardening Week, remember to share your gardening adventures on social media using the hashtag #ChildrensGardeningWeek. Show off your little ones' green thumbs and their Toby Tiger outfits. Share photos of their tiny hands holding freshly harvested carrots or their proud smiles as they admire their blooming flowers. Your posts will inspire other families to enjoy the fun and create their own magical moments in the garden.

Find more sustainable activities at the National Children's Gardening Week fun things to do section, on their website.


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National Children's Gardening Week is the perfect opportunity to instil a love for nature and gardening in your little ones. With Toby Tiger's delightful gardening-themed clothing and a playful spirit, you can turn gardening into a fun-filled adventure. So, grab your spades, put on those adorable outfits, and celebrate nature's wonders together. Get ready to witness your children bloom as they explore, create, and connect with the world around them. Happy gardening!



Quality Assured: Our clothing is crafted with care using soft, organic cotton fabrics, ensuring durability and comfort while your little ones dig, plant, and explore.
Adorable Designs: Let your children blossom in our gardening-themed outfits. Vibrant prints capture the wonders of nature, making each piece a whimsical addition to their wardrobe.
Sustainable Fashion: We prioritize sustainability using organic cotton and environmentally friendly practices, allowing you to nurture the planet while your children boost their gardens.
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