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National Eczema Week

We decided to examine the advantages of organic cotton and provide eczema management advice as part of National Eczema Week.


Eczema affects everyone in different ways - Itchy, dry skin conditions; Eczema is noncontagious but can affect 1 in 5 children and 1 in 10 adults.

Having eczema is manageable if you have a good skincare routine. Using soap substitute products when washing, applying emollients and topical steroids to keep skin moisturised, and identifying what triggers a flare are all critical aspects of maintaining skin health.

Eating the wrong things, wearing the wrong clothes, and doing bad things can all contribute to eczema.

Finding a routine that works for your child may require a bit of trial and error, as what works for one child may be different for another.


Organic clothing is the way to go

Many people with eczema find cotton clothing to be more comfortable. However, manufacturing fibres and wool can be hot, resulting in sweating and irritation, which leads to itching. Seams and labels can also be troublesome.


  • Wear cotton, bamboo, and silk fabrics, which are both soft and breathable.
  • Remove any labels that might irritate the skin.
  • Wear several thin layers rather than one thick one to avoid getting hot and sweaty.


Our customers are pleased with our 100% organic cotton styles (many of which don't have sewn-in labels) because they provide next-to-skin comfort and help improve their child's eczema.

 Kid's Pyjamas

Washing your clothes the right way

Washing your clothing correctly is as crucial as choosing suitable materials; many individuals with eczema favour non-biological washing powders and liquids because they believe that biological washing powders and drinks can irritate their skin.


  • Avoid using fabric conditioner if possible, as it may leave a buildup.
  • Be sure to additional rinse your clothes to make sure all the detergent is eliminated.
  • Use a 90˚C empty wash monthly to clear emollient buildups from your washing machine.


Medical professionals have not provided the information in this blog. Please consult your GP or pharmacist if you have any medical concerns.

Our customers tell us that our styles are soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly for those suffering from eczema.


Big Cat Pyjamas


What's the big deal about organic cotton, then?

Simply said, it's better for our children, our workers, and the environment. Here's why:

It's soft soft soft! There is a cause behind the softness of organic cotton. It bids farewell to all the harsh colours and chemicals that are used to prepare regular cotton, which weaken the fibres and harm the cloth.

Safe & Sound. Because they aren't exposed to harsh chemicals and dyes, organic cotton growers and clothing makers are far safer (phew!) and it's also much healthier for the environment. We only employ organic pest management techniques, which preserves the purity of our water, soil, and air.

It is very gentle on skin. Thanks to the prohibition of harmful chemicals, organic cotton is gorgeous and incredibly soft on even the most delicate skin. It is therefore ideal for infants and children and less prone to cause allergies or skin disorders like eczema.

If your clothing is machine washable, you can enjoy it for longer. Organic clothing hasn't been altered like conventional clothing, therefore it will last longer and wash well - even at 30 degrees - so it may be worn frequently. When your child grows, you may then pass it on to friends or down the generations!

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