Organic September: Listen to Nature - Toby Tiger

Organic September: Listen to Nature

Join us in September as we spread the word about the remarkable advantages organic farming can have for the environment, wildlife, and human health. The goal of Organic September is to celebrate all things organic as well as the effort and commitment required to cultivate things in a way that works with nature rather than against it. 

This Organic September Soil Association asked Toby Tiger, as one of their Organic Fashion and Textiles brands, how we listen to nature.

Garden Shorts

Toby Tiger is the most significant and brightest organic baby and childrenswear brand in the UK. Toby Tiger is a family-run, women-led, independent, and ethical company established in 1998 by award-winning designer Zoe Mellor. Because of their vibrant rainbow colour scheme, friendly appliques, and classic designs, our sustainable and GOTS-certified clothing has been easily recognisable by newborns, children, and parents for more than 24 years. Similar to how our organic clothing is easily recognisable, whether, through our characteristic stripes or soft, amusing character appliques that provide a story for young imaginations, they're guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of children and adults alike. By purchasing from Toby Tiger, you can support ethical business practices and contribute to environmental protection while letting kids be kids in super fun, vibrant clothing.

Bug Print T-shirt


When Zoe gave birth to her first child in 1998, the business Toby Tiger (named after her son) was born. Award-winning knitwear designer Zoe was looking for organic baby clothes that were cheerful and colourful but couldn't find any on the market. Numerous organic choices were beige, neutral, and dull; they weren't upbeat or happy. Since no one was making colourful organic children's clothing at the time, we were the first, and this is where her commitment to using organic cotton in vibrant colours began. She believed it was crucial to obtain the appropriate certification to prove our products are sustainable to foster confidence and certainty with our clients. Since we were one of the few organic childrenswear designers at the time, accreditation was crucial to us. It assures our customers that our clothing is incredibly gentle, naturally soft, and durable on sensitive skin.


English Garden Print


We enjoy educating kids about the world around them and bringing attention to any problems affecting animals by using our apparel with patterns and appliques inspired by nature. We frequently incorporate animals into our designs, so we believe it's critical to explain to and inform our clients about the advantages of organic cotton for the environment. We strive to contribute to the environment by routinely promoting animal awareness days and collaborating with organisations to help give nature a voice. Our designs feature pollinators like bees and butterflies, which gain from using fewer insecticides and pesticides in cotton production. We want to assume that nature inspires our appliqué, prints, and patterns, which should positively impact our garments to help wildlife.


Fruit Flower Dress

Toby Tiger is constantly seeking methods to increase our sustainability. We regularly assess our waste, production, and packing to determine if anything can be done better. We expect to uphold and strive to lead sustainable innovation as a brand that has been established for almost 25 years. We must be flexible and continually seek new approaches to support and deepen our commitment to sustainability as members of the slow fashion movement. Since the sustainability industry is constantly changing, we will try to adapt and review our procedures to better the world in which we live.

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