Resolving to Be More Ethical in 2023: Why Toby Tiger is the Best Choice for Fair Trade Baby and Kids Clothing - Toby Tiger

Resolving to Be More Ethical in 2023: Why Toby Tiger is the Best Choice for Fair Trade Baby and Kids Clothing

The start of a new year is always the perfect time to reflect on what kind of changes we want to make in our lives. Of course, one of the most significant changes we can make is to become more ethical in our shopping habits. That's why resolving to buy fair trade, organic, and eco-friendly baby and kid's clothing is such an important resolution for 2023. Toby Tiger has been a leader ethically for 25 years, being the first kidswear brand to create brightly coloured organic clothes that are 100% GOTs certified.

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What is Toby Tiger?

Toby Tiger is the UK's leading and brightest organic childrenswear company. They design practical and comfortable clothes featuring colourful, easy poppers, adjustable shoulder straps, and super soft reversible fabric. Their clothes are instantly recognisable with signature stripes and delicate, fun character appliques. Shopping with Toby Tiger means supporting ethical working, as they follow strict ethical standards, paying all workers a fair living wage and ensuring the environment is taken care of - their clothing is vegan and kind to the skin while still being long-lasting. Their practices help conserve clean water, create fertile soil, and save energy.

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The Importance of Ethical, Sustainable, and Eco-Friendly Practices

When buying baby and kid's clothing, it's important to consider ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly practices. This is why Toby Tiger is the best choice – all of their garments are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to ensure they meet strict environmental standards.
GOTS certification covers many criteria, such as minimising water consumption, reducing waste output, and providing fair living wages for employees who also have access to trade union meetings, safety gear, and social benefits. The GOTS certification also ensures that Fair Trade is practised and factory workers are paid a fair living wage.
Another vital aspect of GOTS certification is that 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton is used in all of Toby Tiger's clothing, and no animal by-products are used. This makes Toby Tiger's clothing kind to skin, long-lasting, and safe for the environment. Additionally, GOTS supports the Sustainable Development Goals, making it a key element when choosing a sustainable product. By investing in Toby Tiger's products, consumers are helping to reduce energy consumption and preserve clean water, fertile soil, and wildlife.

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Toby Tiger's Certification and History

Since 1998, Toby Tiger has led the way ethically and sustainably. Their clothes are 100% GOTS certified, meaning that every step of their production process meets strict ethical standards. Everything is carefully monitored and approved, from the people who work in their factories to the materials used for their clothes. GOTS certification means that factories must provide workers with a safe and clean environment and pay them a fair living wage. Not only that, but GOTS also puts targets and practices into place to help lessen the environmental load. This includes reducing water consumption, protecting fertile soil, and saving energy.
So, when you buy from Toby Tiger, you know that you're getting clothes which are kind to the skin, long-lasting, and made with the environment in mind. Plus, you can be sure that workers have been treated fairly and that they're helping to reduce the impact of the fashion industry on the planet. With Toby Tiger, you can start the new year knowing you're making an ethical and sustainable choice for your kids.

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How to Get Involved

Toby Tiger is the perfect choice when buying ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly baby and kid's clothing. Not only do they have a long history of producing brightly coloured organic clothes, but they are also 100% GOTs certified. This certification ensures strict ethical standards and practices that benefit both people and the planet.
By choosing Toby Tiger's clothing, you can be sure that workers involved in the production process are paid a fair living wage and are working in safe conditions. Furthermore, you know that these clothes are kind to the skin and long-lasting.
When you purchase from Toby Tiger, you can be sure that you contribute to environmental sustainability. This includes protecting clean water supplies, maintaining fertile soil, and saving energy.
So if you want to start the new year (2023) with a commitment to buying ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly baby and kids clothing, then Toby Tiger is perfect.
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