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That's A Wrap

We‘ve got you covered this Christmas with our Toby Tiger eco-friendly Christmas wrapping paper. The staggering stats around Christmas waste doesn’t make for fun reading – even just wrapping presents has a major impact on the environment, with an estimated 227,000 miles of wrapping paper thrown away each year.

But don’t worry, our paper doesn’t need to end up in landfill:

It’s FSC!

All our wrapping paper and greetings cards are printed in the UK on FSC-certified paper, which means it’s sourced from sustainable, well-managed forests that look after local people.


It’s fab quality!

Our wrapping paper is great quality, wonderfully thick and makes beautiful-looking gifts. It doesn’t tear easily – even an excitable child on Christmas morning will struggle to destroy it! This means you can reuse the paper for future gifts or keep for rainy day craft activities.


It’s fully recyclable!

When our paper really can’t be used any more, it’s fully recyclable, unlike a lot of shiny, sparkly papers out there. Hurrah!



Check out our designs and buy your wrap here!

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