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The Best Baby Shower Gifts for the New Parent Who Wants to Go Green

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Are you looking for the perfect baby shower gift for a new parent who wants to go green? You're in luck! There are now many stylish, organic, and eco-friendly presents that any mum-to-be will love. So celebrate with baby shower gifts that benefit the baby and the planet. Explore our collection of organic, colourful, and sustainable options that any new parent will appreciate. Keep reading to discover the best baby shower gift for a unique baby gift.

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Why choose eco-friendly baby shower gifts?

Organic cotton is softer than regular cotton because it is not processed with harsh chemicals and dyes, making it safer for workers and the environment. It is also gentle on delicate newborn skin and less likely to trigger allergies or skin conditions. Organic garments are also known to last longer and can be worn repeatedly, allowing new mums and dads to make the most out of their baby shower gifts.

Toby Tiger clothes are GOTS-certified, meaning that suppliers and clothes makers follow only the best methods for organic, social and ethical standards. GOTS puts targets and practices into place to help lessen the environmental impact of the fashion and textile industries while also providing quality clothes that are bright, bold and perfect for any new baby. 

Organic fibres play multiple roles in creating a sustainable sector that actively lowers its environmental impact and prioritises human health over short-term profits. So when looking for the perfect baby shower gift for the new mum or dad, eco-friendly products are definitely the way to go!

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Where can I find eco-friendly baby shower gifts?

As any new parent will tell you, welcoming a new baby is a special occasion that deserves celebrating! If you're looking for the perfect way to celebrate this exciting time in the life of a new mum or dad, why not give eco-friendly baby shower gifts? You can find organic, colourful, sustainable options that make the perfect gift for any new baby

Organic cotton is an excellent option as it is kind to a baby's delicate skin and the planet. Choose from many stylish, organic, eco-friendly presents, such as super-soft blankets, comfy onesies, or eco-friendly toys. Not only will they look great, but any new parent will appreciate the thought that has gone into such a meaningful gift. 

So, if you're looking for the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, why not choose eco-friendly baby shower gifts? They're sure to be appreciated by the new mum or dad while also helping to protect the planet.

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What are some great eco-friendly baby shower gift ideas?

When finding the perfect eco-friendly baby shower gift for the new mum, dad, or parent, there is no shortage of options. First, consider gifting a set of organic cotton baby clothes for the little one's wardrobe. Organic baby products such as baby blankets, burp cloths, and washcloths are all sustainable, natural and gentle on the baby's skin. Then, for something extraordinary, why not go for a baby gift set featuring a cloud rainbow print containing cosy toes, a sleepsuit, a baby hat, a drawstring bag, and a stripy baby body in soft organic cotton. These ideas will make the perfect eco-friendly present for the new baby and its parents.

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