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The Great British Beach Clean

The Great British Beach Clean attracts thousands of participants from all around the UK each September. This year's event takes place from September 16 through September 25 and is run by the Marine Conservation Society. Learn how you can participate and how it will benefit you.


The Great British Beach Clean is what, exactly?

Throughout the UK, hundreds of beach cleaners participate in The Great British Beach Clean, a week-long citizen science event. In addition, the International Coastal Cleanup and the Marine Conservation Society conservation efforts are fueled by litter data (ICC). Every time we clean, MCSUK encourage volunteers to do a litter survey by recording every piece of trash they come across within a 100-meter area. 

They have seen some fantastic outcomes as a result of the data, like the implementation of the plastic bag fee, the outlawing of microplastics in personal care products, improved wet wipe labelling, and support for a tax on single-use plastic items. However, there is still much to be done to stop the litter that blights our beaches.

At the Great British Beach Clean last year, 385 pieces of trash were discovered for every 100 metres of beach. Face masks and PPE was found on 30% of the beaches cleaned in the previous year, while the number of plastic bags found on UK beaches has decreased by 55% since the introduction of the 5p charge.

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How to participate

Find a beach cleanup event nearby or organise one of your own to participate this year. MCSUK provide step-by-step instructions and the tools you require to organise a great event. 

Why not start by registering for a scheduled event? Alternatively, you can plan your own beach clean; it's a straightforward process, and MCSUK provide plenty of guidelines and resources to support you.

Why not sign up to volunteer with Beachwatch and participate in one of our clean beach inspections if you want to contribute to maintaining the beauty of British beaches and the safety of our ocean for wildlife?

Along with maintaining our shoreline, Beachwatch volunteers record all the items they come across along a 100-meter section of the beach. We keep track of every piece of plastic, lost toy, and lolly stick. This information is crucial because it enables us to track litter back to its source and advocate for change.

Children can help the environment by cleaning up the beach. We hope that by teaching the next generation how their activities affect our seas, they will be motivated to join the fight against marine litter. Bring your education outside!

Participating in a beach cleanup and survey is a beautiful way to get closer to the water and discover more about our environment. Being a scientist for the day is excellent for your health and well-being, and the information you gather will help us fight for a healthy ocean. What better way to begin than with a day at the beach? Marine trash is an issue that we can all help to solve.

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What more could we do?

By organising your own event or participating in one of the many organised beach cleanups that are done throughout the year, you can join a year-round Beachwatch programme.

Participate in MCSUK signature event, the Great British Beach Clean, which takes place all over the UK during the third week of September.

Create your own beach cleanup event. To organise your own event, sign up as an organiser and schedule a beach cleanup with your group. MCSUK offer all the tools you require to assist you in getting set up. Even better, adopt a beach and do four annual surveys there.

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