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The Most Meaningful Kids' Birthday Gifts are Those That Help the Planet


When finding the perfect kids' birthday gift, you want something unique, meaningful and memorable. But what about a facility that also does good for the planet? Baby birthday gifts that are eco-friendly, sustainable and ethically produced can bring joy and cheer to birthdays everywhere! Toby Tiger offers a fantastic range of organic clothing, cards & wrap, toys and books to make a perfect and meaningful baby birthday gift!

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Children's clothing made from organic materials

Organic cotton is better for children, workers, and the planet. Organic cotton is naturally soft and free of harsh chemicals and dyes, which is safe for even the most delicate skin and less likely to trigger allergies and skin conditions. Additionally, organic garments last longer and can be worn repeatedly. That's why Toby Tiger's childrenswear collection is GOTS-certified, meaning they follow the best methods for organic, social, and ethical standards.

Organic fibres are natural materials that are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). You're contributing to a more sustainable fashion and textile industry by choosing organic clothing. At Toby Tiger, we create colourful, bold and bright clothing for babies, toddlers and children. From jumpers and t-shirts to shorts and dresses, our gift ideas will bring joy to any birthday! Plus, you can feel good knowing that these planet-friendly clothing gifts are kind to the planet too.

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Children's cards and wrapping paper made from recycled materials

Gifting your children or friends something special for their birthday can be challenging. Still, with Toby Tiger's range of planet-friendly cards and wrapping paper, you can give a gift that celebrates nature and sustainability. Choose from a variety of unique designs, such as Wild Birthday Cards, Jungle Wrapping Paper, Seagull Card, Seagull Wrapping Paper, Lion Card, Rainbow Card, Rainbow Wrapping Paper, Alphabet Wrapping Paper, Multi Bird Wrapping Paper, Owl Wrapping Paper, Heart Wrapping Paper, New Baby Wrapping Paper, Baby Elly Wrapping Paper, Multi Dino Wrapping Paper, Multi Elly Wrapping Paper, and Sausage Dog Wrapping Paper. So whether you're looking for the perfect clothing gift or just something special to wrap up any other gift idea, these recycled cards and wrapping paper will surely bring joy and cheer to any birthday celebration.

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Children's toys made from sustainable materials

At Toby Tiger, we understand the importance of ensuring that toys are made from sustainable materials. So our range includes eco-friendly products like the Counting Carrots, Miffy Blue Dress, Red and Blue Hat, and When I Am Big (Maria Dek). These gifts are perfect for playtime, helping to develop skills and get little imaginations buzzing! 

These planet-friendly toys are the perfect addition to any clothing gift, whether buying baby or kids' clothes. They will bring joy and happiness to any special occasion, adding meaning to the celebration. So check out Toby Tiger's unique range of sustainable toys and other products today for eco-friendly gift ideas!

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