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Toby Tiger x Ethical Globe

We are excited to announce that Toby Tiger has partnered with Ethical Globe, a directory and community of vegan people, businesses, organisations and projects. This partnership is set to benefit both Toby Tiger and the growing vegan population worldwide by providing information and support to those looking to make ethically conscious decisions. You'll be able to read on to learn more about how this fantastic collaboration will help vegans worldwide.


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Introducing Toby Tiger

Toby Tiger is an independent, family-run company offering ethically and sustainably produced baby & kids clothes for over 24 years. Toby Tiger's signature bright rainbow colour palette, fun and friendly appliques, and timeless designs have gotten a big thumbs up from babies, kids, and parents alike. As a brand, Toby Tiger is also GOTS-certified - meaning that all their products are made with natural fibres and are free of harsh chemicals.

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What is Ethical Globe?

Ethical Globe is a directory and community of vegan people, businesses, organisations and projects launched in 2020. It was founded with the mission to support the vegan community and empower people to make ethically conscious decisions.
Ethical Globe seeks to unite communities, provide a platform for vegan communities to build and collaborate, and increase awareness amongst vegans of broader social justice considerations. They also encourage vegan businesses and other organisations to work against the oppression of humans and other animals and the destruction of the planet.
The vision of Ethical Globe is to build an accessible hub where everyone can find resources, connect with each other, engage in meaningful conversations and share tips on living a vegan lifestyle. The objectives are to create a safe online space for vegans to learn, teach and inspire each other, showcase ethical businesses, organisations and projects and celebrate their success stories.

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Why we're listed on Ethical Globe

At Toby Tiger, we are committed to sourcing our products and materials from companies and suppliers that support fair labour practices. We have a strict ethical labour policy that ensures the well-being of everyone working with us or on our behalf. We also have policies and procedures that actively promote diversity and inclusion.
We also use 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton in all our clothing and do not use animal by-products. Furthermore, we only use recycled or recyclable packaging materials. Most of our products and/or ingredients are certified by sustainable production certifications, and we are proud to be a plant-based company.

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What this means for our customers

At Toby Tiger, we are committed to providing ethically conscious products that are kind to the environment and animals. Being listed on Ethical Globe is an excellent opportunity to reach a wider audience of vegans and eco-conscious shoppers who share these values.
By listing with Ethical Globe, customers can now find our products and learn more about what we stand for, including our commitment to environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing and animal welfare.
We are proud to be listed as a vegan-friendly business on Ethical Globe and look forward to connecting with their community and increasing awareness about our product range. This is one more way we strive to make ethical shopping easier for everyone.

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How to find us on Ethical Globe

At Ethical Globe, you can easily find Toby Tiger under the Vegan Businesses and Organisations tab. Here, you'll find our website, email and telephone number.
Toby Tiger is a vegan and independently-owned business. We are also a woman-owned/run business/organisation. We are committed to sustainability and always source our products and/or ingredients from companies and suppliers that support fair labour practices. In addition, we are certified by numerous sustainable production certifications, including Certified Organic and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Our products and/or ingredients have been approved through these certifications.
We also only use recycled or recyclable packaging materials. With this commitment to sustainability, we strive to provide our customers with ethically conscious products.

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