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Toby Tiger x Young Lives vs Cancer

Hopeful Hearts: Join Toby Tiger in Supporting Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


Toby Tiger x Young Lives vs Cancer


September is not just the month that marks the beginning of autumn, but it's also Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. At Toby Tiger, we believe that every child deserves a chance to grow up healthy and happy. That's why we've curated a special collection filled with vibrant, hope-filled designs for your little ones. As a token of our commitment, we're offering a 10% discount on this collection, and 10% of all sales will be donated to Young Lives vs. Cancer. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children fighting this battle.


Use code CCAM10 for a 10% discount at Toby Tiger (

Valid from Friday 22nd September until Midnight on Friday 29th September 2023.


Why Childhood Cancer Awareness Matters


Childhood cancer is a battle that no child should have to face, and yet, thousands of children around the world are diagnosed with cancer every year. Childhood Cancer Awareness Month serves as a reminder of the importance of early detection, research, and support for families affected by this devastating disease.


At Toby Tiger, we are proud to stand with the organizations that work tirelessly to provide resources, hope, and comfort to children and their families during their cancer journey. One such organization is Young Lives vs. Cancer.


Supporting Young Lives vs. Cancer


Young Lives vs. Cancer is a UK-based charity dedicated to helping children and young people and their families cope with the challenges of cancer. They offer vital support, including emotional and practical assistance, financial guidance, and opportunities for families to connect with others facing similar struggles. By shopping our Childhood Cancer Awareness Month collection, you'll not only be dressing your child in adorable, high-quality clothing but also making a meaningful contribution to the incredible work that Young Lives vs. Cancer does every day.


The Hope-Filled Collection


Our Childhood Cancer Awareness Month collection features a range of colorful and joyful designs that capture the spirit of childhood. From rainbow-striped onesies to cheerful colourful prints, each item in this collection is crafted with love and care. These outfits are not just adorable but are also a symbol of hope for a brighter future for all children.


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How You Can Make a Difference


It's easy to show your support for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Young Lives vs. Cancer through Toby Tiger:


1. Explore the Collection: Visit our website ( to discover our specially curated collection.


2. Use Code CCAM10: When you make a purchase from the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month collection, be sure to use code CCAM10 at checkout to enjoy a 10% discount.


3. Make a Difference: With every purchase you make from this collection with the code CCAM10, 10% of the sales will be donated directly to Young Lives vs. Cancer. Your support will contribute to their incredible efforts in making life a little brighter for children and families affected by cancer.


4. Spread the Word: Share this initiative with your friends and family on social media. The more people who join us in this cause, the greater the impact we can make.



Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is a time to remember the brave young warriors who face this battle with courage and resilience. Join Toby Tiger in making a difference by shopping our hope-filled collection and using code CCAM10 to enjoy a 10% discount. With your support, we can also help Young Lives vs. Cancer continue their essential work. Let's come together to spread love, hope, and support for the children who need it the most. Together, we can make a difference that lasts a lifetime.


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