We've Been Shortlisted in Junior Design Awards 2023 - Toby Tiger

We've Been Shortlisted in Junior Design Awards 2023

Toby Tiger Shortlisted for "Best Eco Children's Fashion Brand" in Junior Design Awards 2023

Junior Design Awards 2023

We are delighted to share the fantastic news that Toby Tiger, the renowned brand specializing in organic baby and kidswear, has been shortlisted for the esteemed "Best Eco Children's Fashion Brand" category in the highly coveted Junior Design Awards 2023. This recognition is a testament to Toby Tiger's unwavering commitment to sustainability, quality, and style in children's fashion.


Sustainable Fashion for Little Ones: Toby Tiger has long been at the forefront of eco-friendly children's fashion, and this nomination reaffirms our dedication to creating a greener future for the next generation. With a focus on organic fabrics and environmentally conscious practices, Toby Tiger strives to provide parents with safe clothing options for their children and to be kind to the planet.

 Fruit Flower Dress

The Power of Organic Fabrics: One of the core pillars of Toby Tiger's ethos is organic fabrics. By carefully selecting materials free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, Toby Tiger ensures that their clothing is gentle on delicate skin while reducing the environmental impact. Organic cotton, in particular, is a cornerstone of their collection, offering softness, breathability, and durability that parents can trust.


Design with Style and Function: Toby Tiger understands that sustainability does not mean compromising style or functionality. Our designs are vibrant, playful, and full of character, appealing to both children and their parents. From adorable animal prints to bold patterns, Toby Tiger's clothing captures the joy and innocence of childhood while promoting eco-conscious values.

 Chicken Applique T-shirt

What are the Junior Design Awards? The Junior Design Awards are highly regarded within the industry and are known for recognising unique brands and products in children's fashion. Being shortlisted in the "Best Eco Children's Fashion Brand" category is a significant achievement and highlights Toby Tiger's dedication to sustainable practices and innovative design.


Support Us! We invite you to support Toby Tiger by liking, commenting and sharing about Toby Tiger in the Junior Design Awards 2023 as the "Best Eco Children's Fashion Brand." Every interaction contributes to spreading awareness about the importance of sustainable fashion for children.


Toby Tiger's shortlisting in the Junior Design Awards 2023 for "Best Eco Children's Fashion Brand" is a well-deserved recognition of our ongoing commitment to creating high-quality, organic clothing for babies and kids. Through our sustainable practices and stylish designs, Toby Tiger sets an example for the industry and paves the way for a greener and more conscious future. So let's unite and celebrate our achievements by supporting the cause of eco-friendly fashion for little ones.


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I’ve been buying clothes for my Grandsons from Toby Tiger since our first one arrived 5 years ago. The clothes are beautifully made, colourful, comfortable and hard wearing. It’s particularly hard to find fun, bright clothing for boys, so I was especially pleased to find Toby Tiger. But perhaps most importantly, they are ecologically sound. As a Grandparent, I want to do what I can for their future, and that includes buying products that will help preserve and improve our environment. Keep up the good work👏👏👏

Karen Hough

A stunning brand, wondrous designs in vibrant colours, my granddaughters love them

Sheilagh Davies

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