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Why we’re kind all year long…

People around the globe are pledging to be extra kind on 13th November for World Kindness Day. And why not! We love this idea… and we also love celebrating all the kind things we do!


Kindness #1: We're kind to the planet

Toby Tiger clothes are GOTS-certified – the gold standard when it comes to organic clothing production. It means we can be super sure that our lovely cotton suppliers and clothes makers follow only the best methods for organic, social and ethical standards. It also makes our clothes super soft. We wave bye bye to all the harsh chemicals and dyes used to process bog-standard cotton, which breaks down fibres and damages the fabric. And, for over 21 years we’ve been passionate and committed to slow fashion, designing vibrant timeless ranges that don’t date. Our organic clothes last much longer and wash amazingly well – even at 30 degrees – so they can be worn again and again. Then, when your little one goes up a size, you can simply pass on to friends or down for generations.

Organic Applique T-shirt



Kindness #2: We're kind to workers

Organic cotton producers and clothes manufacturers aren’t exposed to harsh chemicals and dyes, making it far safer for them, as well as being miles better for the environment. Only natural pest control methods are used which helps to keeps the soil fertile, water clean and our air unpolluted. Our factories are checked to make sure workers have a safe and clean environment and paid a fair, living wage. That means happy workers make our happy clothes. This puts a smile on our faces and, of course, the little ones wearing them!

Toby Tiger Basics T-shirts



Kindness #3: We're kind to skin

Organic cotton is lovely and super soft on even the most delicate skin, thanks to our ban on nasty chemicals. That means it’s perfect for babies and kids – and less likely to trigger any allergies and skin conditions like eczema. Many people see a real improvement to eczema-prone skin when their kids wear organic clothes. There’s a heap of anecdotal evidence from parents and lovely Toby Tiger customers who tell us our organic cotton clothing is one way to help. Mums and dads know what works for their child – and it seems organic clothing is a step in the right direction!

Printed Rainbow Sleepsuit

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