Strategies for Starting an Ethical Kids’ Fashion Brand

Strategies for Starting an Ethical Kids’ Fashion Brand

If you have fallen in love with kids’ fashion, and you are considering startup a brand of your own, putting ethics at the forefront is a good blueprint for success. The sustainable fashion industry, for instance, is now worth over $6.5 billion, and it is expected to grow to $15 billion by 2030. Moreover, some 52 percent of shoppers say they are more likely to buy fashion items from a brand that shares their values. As you get ready to make your business plan, seek out investors and look for potential ways to manufacture your designs, keep your eye on the prize with the help of the following strategies.

Defining Your Mission

Being a truly ethical fashion house involves a respect for the environment and a focus on reducing negative impacts both on people and the planet. Your mission reveals the extent to which you will be taking steps to achieve your goals. Areas to highlight can include creating multipurpose, transformable, sturdy designs that can be “handed down” or reused by people other than their original owner at least twice during their lifetime. It can include creating platforms for minorities to speak their voice and/or programs that help children in need in your community or further afield. It can also envision the way in which you will use renewable energies and processes like recycling and upcycling to reach a state of zero (or low) carbon emissions.
Relying on Sustainable Manufacturers
If you will be launching a small startup, then chances are, you will be relying on clothing manufacturers to bring your kids’ collections to life. There is a plethora of manufacturers that focus on natural, organic clothing; those that are sourced and produced responsibly at a reasonable price. Check out the experience of each manufacturer, opting for companies that have a long history and/or a demonstrable commitment to sustainable procedures.

Finding Investors

In order to reduce your expenditure, finding investors from the start is vital. Start out by joining local networks and reaching out to your existing ones, mentioning your need for investors and sharing your passion for sustainable, planet-friendly fashion. This can open any existing doors you may have been unaware of. The next step is to consider crowdfunding in platforms like Crowdfunder UK, Indiegogo, Upstart, and Prosper. Make sure to check the small print of each platform, since some require you to give out equity, while others simply require you to make a monthly payment with interest. You should also contact angel investors after creating a detailed business plan that emphasizes the growth potential of your business.

Invest in Marketing

From the start, try to envision the look (logo, brand, market profile) of your fashion brand, checking out your competition but coming up with your own creative vision. Building an attractive website that will contain your products plus dynamic content (think videos of your products, a blog, and/or still and model shots) is vital. You may invest in advertising in local publications and other media, but don’t neglect your digital marketing efforts. The latter should include Facebook Ads, promotions during sales periods, Instagram giveaways, loyalty bonuses, and style guides. Try to get a few mid-level influencers to help you reach a wider audience and use programs like Hootsuite to ensure that your content is publicized across all your social media channels.
Sustainable, ethical fashion is reigning supreme in the clothing sector, both for adult and kids’ fashion. To start your business, formulate your mission and work out the details that will shape it and give it life. Create a sound business plan that will highlight your potential for growth and attract investors, and invest in digital marketing to reach an extended audience.
Author: Briana Hilton
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